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Rolleston – Community at it’s best

The kind-hearted Rolleston Volunteer Fire Brigade Members rallied to support local disabled couple Shirley and Roy Dyer, with a recent working bee to transform their section.

The couple, both in wheelchairs, have been virtually house bound because they only had a shingle path to their front door and the garage had no driveway.

The Dyers were “overwhelmed” by the kindness and generosity of the fire brigade, and also the businesses that donated goods.

They now have wheelchair friendly concrete ramps to the house and garage, a lawn and landscaped garden areas.

The original plan was to tidy up the section, improve access and sow grass seed, however once word got around the project just snowballed. Members of the brigade and their families arrived at the Dyer’s on August 19 2006.

The Dyers are now looking forward to being able to sit outside and enjoy their new garden – something they both love.

They could not thank those who had contributed to the project enough; Shirley said, “They couldn’t have given us a better gift.”

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